NAATI Certification

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the national organisation in Australia responsible for testing and credentialing translators and interpreters. It ensures that translators and interpreters in Australia are sufficiently qualified, posses the appropriate language skills and comply with a set of ethical standards, in order to provide appropriate and professional language services to Australia’s community.

NAATI was established in 1977 due to a growing need in Australia’s multicultural environment to have appropriately trained and credentialed translators and interpreters. Australia’s vibrant cultural and linguistic diversity means that translators and interpreters are required for dozens of foreign languages.

As a NAATI Certified Translator, I have passed a special translation exam to confirm that I have the necessary skills and competencies to practice as a professional Russian to English translator and editor. I am also able to certify official documents that I have translated into English for submission to Australian government agencies, for example, drivers licenses, marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, etc. This is done by using a special stamp on the translation, which is then dated and signed.

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